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Episode 12: Why Traditional Distributors Suck at eCommerce

by Matt Johnson, on Jan 23, 2019 11:40:53 AM

Frustrated with a lack of results in your online store? Have you been thinking that eCommerce just isn't for your business? You may be right! Learn more about why Traditional Industrial Distributors suck at eCommerce and what to do about it.

3 Reasons Why Traditional Industrial Distributors SUCK at eCommerce

Let's face it, traditional distributors have kicked the online can long enough. For those who have implemented an online channel, the results have been mixed. In this episode, learn what mistakes to avoid so you can build a modern, profitable omni-channel distribution business that stands the test of time.

1. You didn't build your website for YOUR customer

Amazon built their online experience around the customer and made consistent improvements to solve their pain points. Chances are, you didn't put enough of an emphasis on documenting your buyer personas, and consequently, the website does not delight. 

2. You dipped your toe instead of going ALL-IN

The most-successful online distributors have multiple full-time employees dedicated to building, managing, and growing the eCommerce channel. Are you an owner or president trying to do it all yourself? Big mistake. You need to invest in staff and technology if you want to seriously compete online.

3. You never built documented processes so now you're STUCK

Small distributor principals try to do it all, but unfortunately, this creates a viscous cycle where we work IN the business instead of ON the business. If you are not growing your eCommerce channel, it's likely because you have not documented your goals and methods. It's time to look in the mirror and realize the problem with your website just might be you. 


“Most traditional distributors want an Amazon experience on a MySpace budget"


Are you struggling to grow your eCommerce website? What are some of the pain points you are experiencing. Why do we suck? Leave us your comments below. This is the first step toward getting better. 

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