Episode 15: Building a Digital Customer Journey

Posted by Matt Johnson on Feb 13, 2019 3:22:19 PM

How will industrial distributors survive the generational shift in buying behavior? One answer is to build a digital customer journey that utilizes simple marketing tools and strategies that anyone can execute. The goal is to generate more engagements with your customer base which helps you minimize ... Read More

Using Video for Brand Awareness and Engagement [Grow Live Episode 12]

Posted by Matt Johnson on Oct 20, 2017 5:07:54 PM

Improve your customer engagement with social video. Today, Matt Johnson joins Lief Thomason for this week’s SMS Grow Live! They are back to dish on social video, what it is and why you need it in your next marketing plan. If you’ve ever wanted an inside look into the mind of a digital producer, now’s your ... Read More

How to go from winging it to winning it: Managing the digital process [Grow Live Episode 11]

Posted by Matt Johnson on Oct 17, 2017 12:49:07 PM

  Never put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to digital marketing. Today, Matt Johnson joins Renia Carsillo for this week’s SMS Grow Live! They are back to discuss campaign sprints, what they are and how they can streamline your marketing efforts. They also debate the color of Matt’s shirt. Is it ... Read More