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| 5 minute read

5 Reasons Printed Flyers are Still Effective in Sales & Marketing!

Paper is dead, everyone knows that, right?! 

If there's one piece in marketing that people think is dead, that piece would be printed flyersWell…..I think this topic deserves a good ole fashion debate. Just because you spend alday on a smart phone doesn’t mean your customers don’t appreciate a nice printed piece in their hands. Luckily for you, I consider us all friends. I feel comfortable saying that you’re missing a huge opportunity if you give up on this medium completely, without at least reading the rest of this blog. 

| 4 minute read

Distributor's Guide: How to Use Supplier Co-Op Dollars

Learn how to use supplier co-op dollars to pay for your next catalog or website project.

When last did you collect co-op dollars from the suppliers featured in your marketing efforts? The process of claiming co-op dollars isn’t terribly complicated but many distributors leave the majority of their available market development or co-op funds on the table every year. Let's help you fix that...

| 6 minute read

How to Create a Custom Safety Catalog

Are you considering creating your own custom safety catalog in-house?

Great! You've come to the right place.

We'll show you how.

| 2 minute read

Print Catalogs or Web Media….why not both?

We’ve all heard stories of how the internet is rapidly becoming the only media to economically market your services and products. It’s fast; it’s effective and using eCommerce websites can even cost less than printing a full-color 200+ page catalog. However, did you know that relying exclusively on web media alone could be damaging to your business?