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That's right.  New name.  New look.  Revitalized Mission and Vision.

We felt like now was the perfect time to announce our brand change to the world. Coming off the heels of another year of double-digit growth, and today we are laser-focused on helping other high-growth brands scale their business without sacrificing what matters most.

Grab your headphones and some popcorn. I'm pleased to present our Spinstak Hype Video.


If you can relate to that story, either as the over-worked Marketing Manager or the concerned CEO, then you understand why Spinstak exists. From the very beginning, we've always been in the business of helping under-dogs be competitive in the marketplace. We are known as the go-to digital growth agency that provides businesses with the tools, services and resources they don't have on their own.

"From the very beginning, we've always been in the business of helping under-dogs be competitive in the marketplace." 

The Challenge of Growing in Today's Market

Today's Industrial B2B Marketer is stretched thinner than ever before. The pressure for brands to be present in multiple channels (Amazon, Social Media, eCommerce, Print, and Tradeshows) has all but made it impossible to be effective in any one place.

Industrial marketing budgets haven't made space for a team of designers, developers, writers, and digital strategists. This is a world where size matters. If only hard-working Marketing Managers (like Mindy in the video above) had a team to execute the work that needs to get done, they could grow their business without sacrificing what matters most.

My fellow CEOs and Business Owners are scrambling to keep up with the complexity of the changing marketplace and industrial buyer's journey. They're not digital natives and they do not have time to become experts in things like paid-search, eCommerce, technology stacks, and inbound marketing. If only they had access to industry experts with one finger on the pulse of industrial supply and the other on digital marketing.

"Spinstak is the culmination of everything Safety Marketing Services was meant to be from it's inception."

Why Did We Change Our Name?

Here are three reasons why we felt the time was right to rebrand:

1. Spinstak is more than Safety

Spinstak is more than safety

I am extremely proud of our conception and history in the safety distribution industry. From day one, we were created to serve independent safety distributors. Working alongside manufacturers, we compiled product data into the industry's most comprehensive database. We helped independent distributors build world-class publications faster than anyone previously thought possible.

Today we still serve safety companies. In fact, the majority of our clients are safety distributors. However, the years have brought increasing consolidation and acquisition to the safety industry. Many of our "under-dog" clients have been purchased by bigger, national brands.

Today, safety is one product line among many for an ever-increasing group of industrial suppliers. As such, we have found ourselves working with more and more industrial manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers whose specialty is outside of safety.

We believe our relationships with both safety and non-safety specialists make us better equipped to speak to the changing buyer's journey. Safety specialists can learn from industrial suppliers and vice versa.


2. Spinstak is more than Marketing

Spinstak is more than marketing

The way the marketing world has changed in the past 15 years would make your head spin (pun intended). eCommerce has disrupted the industrial supply chain. Social media for B2B brands was once a laughable idea. Now, it's a mandatory channel that demands it's own budget.

Marketing as we know it has changed, and B2B industrial companies have been slow to keep up. It's no longer enough to publish a catalog, show up at the trade shows, and make cold calls. Today's smart industrial marketer needs to think beyond marketing. We are business development. We are sales enablement. We are technology experts and digital natives. We  are driving social engagement. We are creating culture and attracting talent. We are feeding the sales team, supporting the sales team, and training everyone, everywhere how to be relevant in a fast-paced world.


3. Spinstak is more than Services

Spinstak is more than services

Marketing services (implementation) are what we've offered clients from day one, but it has changed gradually over time. Today, implementation services account for only one of three product categories that help industrial B2B companies grow. It will take nothing less than S.P.I.T. to grow your business today.

  • Strategy: We help brands navigate the complexities of digital channels and technology by providing consultation, organization, and direction to their digital or traditional initiatives.

  • Products (or Tools): Spinstak eCommerce for Industrial B2B is our flagship, proprietary SaaS (Software as a Service) product, and it's just the beginning! We have plans to expand this category and enhance our industry leading edge technology in the near future.

  • Implementation: We provide tangible outcomes for our clients because they do not have the resources or expertise in-house to do it themselves. Our clients have dedicated support to implement campaigns, new technology, creative and everything in between.

  • Training: We provide training and education for sales and marketing teams who are implementing new processes and technology. It's one of the best value-added services we provide as your dedicated agency to bring you to the top of your game.

I came to work at SMS in the early days, straight out of college... and I did the grunt work. Design, data entry, and later account management. I moved away from SMS for 10 years. When I came back 3 years ago, I was passionate about combining my father's original vision with my own to create a business that was one-of-a-kind, creative, and growth-driven. Today, as Managing Partner, I can see that vision starting to come into focus.

I'm on year 3 of my 5-year plan to completely revolutionize the way industrial manufacturers and distributors grow their business.

I'm grateful that you are on this journey with me.

Now, let's grow, together!

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