We’ve all heard stories of how the internet is rapidly becoming the only media to economically market your services and products. It’s fast; it’s effective and using eCommerce websites can even cost less than printing a full-color 200+ page catalog. However, did you know that relying exclusively on web media alone could be damaging to your business?

The facts are that printed catalogs provide a very real visual impact, a “touchy-feely” kind of experience that buyers don’t get from the web. Print catalogs provide multiple, visual options at a glance allowing buyers to compare products side-by-side; something a website requires navigation to do. A well designed catalog demonstrates strength and a commitment to service an industry while websites can be published by most anyone.

Even with the flexibility and portability of laptop computers, buyers expect the ability to travel and to share catalogs in places where Wi-Fi or electricity may not exist. Remote worksites, fleet trucks, construction sites, are just a few places where product requisition decisions are quite often made. Not all buyers have the luxury or time for sitting at a computer to “shop around”.

There just can’t be enough said to support the undeniable portability and visual appeal of a well-designed printed catalog.

While there are many reasons that print catalogs will always be a solid solution for marketing your services and products, catalogs do not over-shadow the benefits of providing your customers with a related web-based solution too. Catalogs should provide a shopping tool and they must direct customers to your website. Once there the buying experience takes over.

After a customer has made their buying decisions they expect to get an order placed with the least amount of effort on their part. Buyers require a solution that is secure, easy to navigate and immediate which means a well constructed eCommerce website that directly correlates to a printed catalog.

Your eCommerce website should be inviting with attractive visual graphics and easy navigation tools that enable buyers to place, edit and track their orders instantly.

Keeping your website updated frequently with regulatory and products changes, refreshed visual graphics and easy-to-find beneficial information, will enhance a buyers experience ensuring their repeat business.

Supplying your industry market with impactful printed media that counterparts a well designed website will ensure buyers have the tools they need to do business with your company. Displaying your marketing strength by providing both a printed catalog and an impactful eCommerce website helps to set you apart from the companies who believe that one type of marketing is better over the other. In the current economic climate, companies are well advised to do both!

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