We want to talk. We want to grow!

So we've been at work infusing this conversation of change in the world of industrial safety distribution. The safety buyer's journey has changed as a result of years of technological revolution, so what do we do?

Well, we think it's time to talk! Creative transformation can happen by hearing how industry leaders are adopting technology, branding, inbound marketing, culture, work spaces, and software innovations to change and grow their business.

That's where Let's Grow comes in. We want to engage these conversations. Think of it as your post-work, cafe talk with friends and a good brew. It's your chance to sit down, settle in, and engage without hesitance. Ask questions, get involved, and for heaven's sake enjoy yourself!

We're very excited about launching this podcast!

Join us Thursday June 30th @ 8:00 PM for our podcast launch. You can find the link to the new website through the podcast tab here on our website menu. Then, join us every other Thursday at 8:00 PM for new episodes.

We think you're really going to like it.

Listen to the latest Takeover Episodes

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Ok, here's your chance to get involved: is there a topic you feel like you know nothing about and need to know more? Add it to the comments section here OR visit us on any of our social pages at Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Let's talk, and #letsgrow.