Trade shows can be one of the most effective marketing strategies that your company implements all year. They are often the perfect meeting place for highly qualified prospects and like-minded customers, especially in the safety industry.

New Call-to-action

As an added bonus, trade shows are often held during the same time as advertising campaigns are being launched, making it a perfect tie- in to your marketing plan. In 2015, Exhibit Surveys found that 64% of trade show attendees were not already existing customers of the exhibitors they visited, and a considerable 38% of those attendees said that their visit influenced their buying decisions.

Never underestimate the power of a professionally designed trade show booth.

How to Appeal to Your Audience

Loud, aggressive marketing is no longer getting people’s attention; excessive advertising actually turns people away. People don’t want to be sold to; they want to be excited, empowered, provided with new knowledge and form a personal connection with the companies and products they use. Creating a unique experience is what visitors will remember long after they leave the trade show floor.

If your goal is to retain your loyal customers, attract potential future prospects and stay a cut above the rest, then here are some examples of impressive trade show banners and displays:

Trade Show Displays that Set the Bar:

GE’s ecomagination trade show booth

GE’s ecomagination booth utilized clear and meaningful banners that draw the eyes in. So that weary attendees could rest and catch their breath, they included seating areas encouraging visitors to engage for longer periods of time.  The multi-level design guided visitors through all the features GE wanted to display the choice of lighting was illuminating but easy on the eyes.

Honest Co Trade Show Booth

The Honest Co. recreated their signature clean and comforting atmosphere in their homey booth, complete with turf as grass and flower boxes in the windows. Their strategic layering of banners, interactive devices, and product displays, encouraged interaction and education on their product lines. Hanging banners positioned above the roof invited visitors from across the show room floor.

Clemens Construction Trade Show Booth

Clemens Construction Co. Inc.. used reclaimed and recycled materials from construction sites, old shipping pallets and matting left over from previous jobs. Staying true to the character and purpose of an organization can open the marketing department to inexpensive and creative ways to effectively think outside box. The use of simple and direct banners placed on reclaimed wood walls added texture and created a visually stimulating focal point.

Intel Trade Show Booth

Intel Corp’s trade show banners were actually “digital clouds” made of 59 illuminated cubes set at varying depths and heights, adding texture and softness to a very technologically focused booth display. The use of vibrant colors in the cubes offset the modern, white design features that showcased their various devices.

Natures Path Tradeshow Booth

Nature’s Path Foods booth was comprised of mainly organic materials such as Falcon board and water-based adhesives, paying heed to the company’s organic roots. The multi-level tree and countertops were made from recyclable material and the counter faces were actually made with upcycled Nature’s Path cereal boxes. Stairs leading towards the treetop meeting area beckoned attendees to explore and sample products. Their visually appealing trade show banners also told an appetizing story of the product line.

Your Booth says a Lot about your Organization:
Make Sure its A Great Story

Trade shows have evolved beyond simply advertising and marketing to consumers; they have become interactive environments. The outdated sales pitch is gone and has been replaced by the opportunity to tell your organization’s story. While the idea of revamping your marketing and trade show strategies may sound daunting, through proper planning, fostering creativity within your team, and remaining true to the brand’s character, you will gain the edge that companies need to create the unique and personal experience that today’s buyer is looking for.