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Episode 18: The Customer Drives Every Important Decision

by Matt Johnson, on Jul 9, 2019 8:53:37 PM

We can learn a lot from Amazon about any number of eCommerce best practices, but the number one thing that stands out is their customer-centric approach to management and innovation. They're obsessed with customer experience! As industrial distributors we should be too. Spinstak's eComm-Wheel™️ of Growth is our proprietary system for building, launching, and growing an industrial distribution website.



Your Customer's Online Experience Should Compliment Their Offline Experience

The customer comes FIRST in our eCommerce methodology. Before we do anything else, we need to address the fundamental differences between B2B and B2C eCommerce customers.

The reason why this is so important is because the decision to focus on serving these two types of buyers will send us down distinctly different paths.

We want to be sure we chose the right path for our business based on our customers needs and not a fad or slick marketing message.

B2B Online Customers

B2B Customers are professional buyers. They’re not randomly walking through the aisles of Home Depot trying to find the right part for their latest project.

These buyers are usually purchasing or operation managers who have a lot on their plate. Traditionally, they don’t have time to shop, compare, and price-check every purchase.

The point is that large B2B buyers -- the kind of accounts that most industrial suppliers want -- are not buying your products because they want to. They’re buying your products because they’re critical to their company’s operations or employee safety. In other words, it’s their job!

B2C Online Customers

On the other hand, B2C Customers are amatuer buyers. Purchasing equipment and supplies for their business is important, but it’s NOT their primary responsibility.

Often, this means they are either an end-user or a very small business.

These buyers might purchase a few pairs of safety glasses from you, but because they only need two or three -- and because they need them tomorrow --

They might as well stop by a big box store or order them from the fastest, cheapest source possible (a battle most of you do not want to fight).

They typically don’t value things like in-person customer service, breadth of products, on-site walk-throughs, and documented cost savings.

If you are going to go after this buyer, you will need to create a digital branch with it’s own systems, processes, and even staff.

CAUTION: Steep Cliff Ahead

You can share inventory and supplier relationships with your traditional branch, but beware -- this model requires dedicated leadership with a commitment to constant change and organization.

As you can imagine, building your website for B2B versus B2C will present two unique sets of challenges.

Which direction you choose will be up to you, but you need to be aware that most industrial suppliers want to build for B2B first - since that it is the bread and butter of their business.

In some circumstances, it makes sense for a supplier to choose a hybrid approach - if for example they are focusing on a specific vertical -- like Nuclear Power -- or horizontal niche -- like Protective Clothing.

Determining your channel’s focus is the first step in developing a world-class eCommerce website.

A Few Hours Will Save You Countless Time and Money

In this educational video course, I spill the beans on everything I know about building, launching, and growing an industrial distribution website.

There’s 10 videos, and each one is under 10-minutes long. This course will take you less than a few hours to complete, but it’s jam-packed with valuable content that took me years to learn.

My mission is to educate and empower independent safety and industrial distributors with the tools they need to compete with the best brands online.

IM101 - eCommerce Cogwheel-01-1eComm-Wheel™ of Growth

We’ll start by introducing the eComm-Wheel™ of Growth -- our proprietary system for building, launching, and growing an industrial distribution website. 

You’ll learn how to build and manage an internal marketing team, choose the right technology for your business, learn the best practices about web design, marketing content, and product data. 

Process Development

We'll discuss the ever-important role of process development and I’ll give you the standard operating procedures you need to run your online branch like a well-oiled machine. 

Customer Adoption and Promotion

Most-importantly, I’ll share my top-performing marketing strategies for a seamless launch and teach you how to promote your site to both new and existing customers. 

Finally, I’m going to show you how to turn analytics into action so you can keep the eComm-Wheel™ of Growth spinning and generating revenue while you sleep. 

If you want to save countless time and money by learning from my years of experience, and even my mistakes, then you need to register today.

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