How do you save and make money on eCommerce shipping and freight charges without going nuts on data? Learn more on this episode of The Takeover.

Good, Better, and Best Shipping Strategies for Industrial Distributors

Want to keep more of the money you make online? Navigating the complicated world of eCommerce shipping for industrial distributors can be a potentially costly endeavor.

On one hand, you could guarantee accurate shipping charges and precisely manage your margin by investing in high-quality product data with shipping weights and dimensions. Everyone knows that's the best way. It's how both Grainger and Amazon does it. 

But what if you're not a multi-billion-dollar distribution behemoth with an entire room full of data nerds?

In this solo-cast, Matt unpacks three popular methods for handling shipping and freight charges, including his favorite strategy for small-to-medium suppliers. You don't want to miss this first episode of season two of the Takeover.

“A realistic strategy for managing shipping costs in your online branch is paramount to growing this channel"

Do you have any tips for building and managing a profitable eCommerce Shipping Strategy?  If so, share them below so we can all grow!

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