simple-catalog.jpgWhat comes to mind when you think of the word “value”? Do you think quality or cost-savings? More than likely, you expect both.

Living and working in the reality of a weak economy makes businesses re-examine how they can provide their customers with a quality product, at a price their customers can afford, with an overhead the company can afford.

Not unlike other businesses, SMS has faced the same question. We specialize in custom catalogs, but comprehensive customization may not fit your marketing budget at the current time. We asked ourselves what we could do to offer a lower-cost catalog alternative while maintaining our quality standards.

What we arrived at is a concept we simply refer to as our “Simple Catalog.” Don’t let the word “simple” fool you; we dedicate the same attention to internal proofing and, as always, work with suppliers to guarantee your product content is current and approved for your project. You still choose your exclusive product selection, receive one-on-one project management and enjoy a professionally designed cover representing your corporate brand.

The difference lies is a more simple design and fewer production proofs, resulting in a shorter catalog process. The overall page layout focuses on representing each product in an equal fashion, greatly reducing the amount of design time and costs (as required in custom layouts).

There is no easy answer to correct today’s economic situation, but SMS is doing what we can to offer you one “simple” alternative that may help fit a smaller budget and still provide a quality product for you to use in marketing your business.

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