Industrial distributors and suppliers, hear tips on how adopting technology will make you competitive in a turbulent marketplace.

Change is Challenging

Making changes to your business can be as challenging as eating a five patty burger. To keep up with the constantly evolving world of industrial supply and distribution, you have to learn to adopt technology. We help you build up your change muscle with 10 easy-to-digest tips. On this week's episode, Matt comes to you live from Arizona. Get a front row seat to his breakout session where he shares his best advice for using technology to grow your business. Learn why you should consider looking outside of your company for a tech champion, why an eCommerce website should be treated like a physical branch and some real-world ways to workout your change muscle.

“A lot of us are scared to death to ask customers that question: are we serving you well? We've got to become courageous.”  – Matt Johnson

Free Tech Adoption Roadmap for B2B Executives  The industrial market is changing rapidly. Are you facing technology or software change in your business? This simple roadmap will help you combat these changes effectively so you can avoid tech adoption mishaps, motivate your team, and boost your ROI. Download this PDF and share it at your next leadership meeting.