Leadership teams, you'll want to tune in for this. Learn the 'secret sauce' to organizing your strategic planning for next year.

Strategic Planning Best Practices for Industrial Suppliers and Distributors 

Setting goals is crucial to advancing your business in the coming year. But what are the best practices for strategic planning? Does your company need an outside facilitator to make sure those goals move the needle? How many goals should your leadership team set?

On this week's episode, Matt is joined by Wayne Johnson, CEO of Accuform signs. As a leader in his industry, Wayne has created a winning formula for strategic planning.

Watch or listen to The Takeover as you prepare your business for the coming year. Learn the benefits of using a facilitator along with practical advice like what should be on your meeting agenda and who should be involved in your strategic planning. You might even find out what a Big Hairy Audacious Goal looks like.

“Strategic planning is that opportunity to get away and work ON the business and not IN the business.”  – Wayne Johnson

BONUS: Searching for a good outside facilitator? Contact Wayne Johnson for his recommendations.

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