Artificial intelligence has the ability to supercharge the industrial supply chain. Learn more from Industrial Entrepreneur, Paul Noble. 


The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on The Industrial Supply Chain

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has made its way into the industrial space with many suppliers and distributors fearing for their lives. Instead of letting it consume you, AI can actually be one of your most powerful allies. But how do you make AI work best for you?

On this week's episode, Matt is joined by Paul Noble, Founder and CEO of AUTIT - a company utilizing AI to  make data work to the benefit of distributors and suppliers.

Watch or listen to this futuristic episode to find out how AI will continue to shape the industrial space. Get a leg up on the competition by hearing Paul and Matt's take on how AI solves pain points, allows distributors to compete with Amazon and gives organizations a true sense of reliability.

“AI is not here to take over the world. It's here to enhance the ability to have ultimate recall on really important pieces of data.” – Paul Noble

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