The secret to becoming an innovator is all in your head.






Exciting new products are being brought to market every day. Behind every great product is an innovator with a great idea. So what are some steps you can take right now to become an innovator in your industry?

On this week's episode, Matt has called upon a familiar face to give you the answers. Wayne Johnson, CEO of Accuform signs, has seen a lot of ideas come and go over the years, but the key to being a new product leader in his industry has remained the same.

Watch or listen to the episode to find out Wayne's secret to cultivating an innovative mindset. He and Matt will also share helpful tips like how much to invest in R&D, the importance of internal innovation and resources that help CEOs go from strikeout swingers to home run kings.

BONUS: Matt shares his process for new product development. Click here to view and download.


“A lot of the innovation happening now is happening online.” 
– Wayne Johnson


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