Learn how to differentiate your company by becoming a "hyper" specialist!






It’s no secret that buyer’s behaviors have changed. Companies need to evolve with it. The Amazon effect has not gone unnoticed, especially in the world of industrial distribution.

What can you do to survive and thrive in today’s marketplace? Listen in and learn why hyper-specialization can be the turning point for supplier and distributor success. Matt Johnson shares his 5 tips on how to leverage your expertise and resources to offer end-users the best experience possible.

Tools are getting better every day and enabling industrial supply SMBs the ability to compete with even the greatest online buying experience. Case in point, check out this new Shopify and HubSpot integration... and start using the HubSpot CRM for FREE!


“Your competition is all around you and growing every day. You need to double-down on your niche to achieve scalable growth.” – Matt Johnson


Free Tech Adoption Roadmap for B2B Executives  The industrial marketing is changing rapidly. Are you facing technology or software change in your business? This simple roadmap will help you combat these changes effectively so you can avoid tech adoption mishaps, motivate your team, and boost your ROI. Download this PDF and share it at your next leadership meeting.