What's the difference between good customer service and exceptional customer service?








If you're an industrial supplier, distributor or a business owner, you know the importance of customer service. This week on The Takeover, Matt is joined by a special guest... his father, Wayne Johnson. Wayne serves as CEO of Accuform signs and strives each day to make both his employees and his customers happy.

With more than a four decades of management and leadership experience under his belt, Wayne has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to delighting customers. Watch or listen to the episode to learn his tried-and-true tips on employee happiness, generic vs. personalized customer service and more. Bonus: Hear about a couple customer service "Oops" from the father-son duo, so you can learn from their mistakes.


“Somewhere there is a distributor owner and a distributor sales rep who are counting on us to make them look like heroes.” – Wayne Johnson


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