Work on your business, not in your business.









The Takeover is all about challenging, inspiring and leading your team to leave a legacy in your industry. In this episode of The Takeover, host Matt Johnson is joined by EOS Traction Implementation expert Rene Boer. Boer has made a name for himself helping businesses revamp their leadership, tackle their biggest rocks, and achieve industry success. Do you feel like you spend too much of your time "putting out fires" in your business instead of making proactive improvements toward success? Get a grip on your business. Tune in and discover Boer's simple and practical tips for getting the most out of your business. Learn how to strengthen the Six Key Components™ of your business so you can hold your team accountable, improve your teams' execution, and achieve your vision. Visit the EOS Worldwide website and check out the best-selling book, Traction, to learn more. 


“One of the issues is not understanding why you are succeeding” – Rene Boer


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