“This show is going to draw a line in the sand between the tigers and the tabbys.” – Matt Johnson









The industrial B2B marketplace is changing rapidly. Manufacturers and Distributors alike are asking hard questions related to innovation, technology, culture, and customer experience. What can you do as a leader to grow your business, drive positive change, and build a legacy that will stand the test of time?   In this first episode of The Takeover, host Matt Johnson explains why we created the show, the kind of conversations you can expect, and who will benefit from listening and subscribing. Matt invites his listeners into his story as he retells the legend of how his grandparents started a humble safety equipment distribution business in their basement and how that eventually became one of the largest safety identification manufacturers in the world.   Legacy is the mission of this show. Matt is passionate about continuing the legacy his family has built and he wants to invite you into that story. He also wants you to step outside of the whirlwind so you can build your own legacy and leave your mark on the industry you serve.


“This show is for industrial executives by industrial executives, and that means we’re going to relate everything back to your business and your role” – Matt Johnson


Free Tech Adoption Roadmap for B2B Executives  Are you navigating technology or software change in your business? Take some advice from someone who’s gone through it successfully. Matt will show you how to avoid common pitfalls, get your team on the same page, and achieve fast ROI. Download this PDF and share it with your team.