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| 7 minute read

Episode 24: The Case for Local Industrial Distributors

If you're a local, independent distributor, sometimes it can feel like the walls are closing in. From online retailers to global brands, the competition is fierce. The water may be red with blood, but if you know where to look, you can find golden opportunities to stand out from the crowd and earn customer loyalty. On this episode of The Takeover, we share three ways independent distributors can blow Amazon.com out of the water with the local advantage.

| 8 minute read

Episode 23: Distributor Sales Reps of The Future

Distributors who fail to deliver an omni-channel sales and marketing experience may soon go the way of the dinosaur. Today, it's more important than ever for traditional sales reps to utilize technology that better serves their customers. In this episode of the Takeover, we'll share some creative ways that you can leverage technology to grow your business.

| 6 minute read

Episode 22: Clarify Your Message with Better Storytelling

What if I told you that your customers don't always purchase the best products at the best prices? In fact, nine times out of ten, suppliers are chosen based on how well they communicate the value they offer to their end-user. On this episode of the Takeover, I explain how distributors and suppliers alike can grow their sales through the power of crystal-clear storytelling.

| 6 minute read

Episode 21: Failure to Launch Your eCommerce Website

Every industrial distributor knows eCommerce should be an important part of their business, but very few can actually get the boat out of the harbor, and even fewer can say that eCommerce sales account for a significant portion of their total revenue. In this episode of the Takeover, I share three reasons why distributors struggle to launch their online channel and what to do about it.

| 11 minute read

Episode 20: Top Secret Catalog Marketing Strategies for Industrial Distributors

How do you retain and grow your existing business while simultaneously attacking new markets and customer segments? The answer is an old-school sales tool with a new-school twist. In this episode of the Takeover, I'll share my ultimate catalog marketing strategies that are proven to drive sales and customer engagement.

| 4 minute read

Episode 19: How to Choose The Right eCommerce Platform

Should you use an open source, bolt-on, or speciality platform for your eCommerce website? The myriad of options available to industrial distributors today is both a blessing and source of frustration. Choosing the right engine to power your online branch can mean the difference between digital profitability and a costly mistake. In this episode of The Takeover, we will explore the different types of eCommerce platforms available to industrial distributors and which option is right for YOUR business.

| 3 minute read

Episode 18: The Customer Drives Every Important Decision

We can learn a lot from Amazon about any number of eCommerce best practices, but the number one thing that stands out is their customer-centric approach to management and innovation. They're obsessed with customer experience! As industrial distributors we should be too. Spinstak's eComm-Wheel of Growth is our proprietary system for building, launching, and growing an industrial distribution website.

| 3 minute read

Episode 17: Introducing Industrial Marketing 101 - eCommerce Master Class

Independent distributors are at a crossroads when it comes to eCommerce. What's going to happen if you fail to adapt to new buyers, new technology, and new expectations for your traditional B2B industrial supply business? Matt shares an exciting new resource that can help you save time and money on your eCommerce initiative.

| 8 minute read

Episode 16: How to Build an Internal Marketing Team

What does it take to run an elite marketing program in-house? In this episode, we're going to discuss the best practices for building an internal marketing team as well as when and how to outsource projects with agency partners.